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PLT-CLV Premium Clover (1/3 acre) 33% MORE THAN THE COMPETITION

PLT-CLV Premium Clover (1/3 acre) 33% MORE THAN THE COMPETITION

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Odoco Premium Clover, the ultimate food plot solution for deer enthusiasts! Our seed mix is a unique blend of Crimson and Stamina White clovers that are guaranteed to grow healthy and strong deer while providing natural deworming benefits.But that's not all! Our Clover Seeds are also versatile enough to be used for other purposes such as cover crop, pasture, hay, pollinator enhancement, forage, and grazing. 

So whether you're a farmer or a wildlife enthusiast, our Clover Seeds are the perfect choice for you. At Odoco, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality products to our customers, and that's why we use SuperStarter (SS) Technology to power our Clover Seeds. SS Technology is a revolutionary nutrient seed treatment that gives your plants better germination and survivability in the early stages of growth. It creates the boost needed for seed germination, as well as root strength and size as the plant matures. With SS Technology, your Clover seed will germinate quicker, emerge more consistently, and retain the nutrients needed for growth.

Each package of Odoco Premium Clover plants 1/3 acre, making it perfect for small-scale and large-scale applications alike. So why settle for inferior products that won't deliver the results you need? Choose Odoco Premium Clover for healthy deer, better land management, and a bountiful harvest. 

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