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PLT-HDR Seclusion Mix (1 acre)

PLT-HDR Seclusion Mix (1 acre)

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This Spring seeded mix adds a barrier of seclusion to your food plots and property lines. Made up of sun hemp and sorghum sudans. Powered by ODOCO SS, this product can be planted between APRIL and JUNE. Powered by Odoco SS2., this mix will have rapid emergence and S-Metolachlor resistance.
  • Soil seeding depth approximately .5 – .75 inches
  • Herbicide applications of S-METOLACHLOR can be applied pre emerge for added control of grass and selective weeds
  • Seeding Rate: 6 lbs per acre
  • Plant when soil temp is above 60 degrees for best results

Soil Prep: Spray a glyphosate herbicide if weeds or grasses are present before planting. Best planted in firm seed bed and a pH of 6.5 – 7 is ideal.

Planting Instructions: Disk or till the ground to create a good seed bed. This seed should be planted at a depth of .5 – .75 inches with good seed to soil contact.

Coverage: 1 acre

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