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RAK-RZR Spring Mix (1/4 acre)

RAK-RZR Spring Mix (1/4 acre)

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This Spring seeded mix targeting turkey and whitetail is made up of legumes , sunflowers and sorghum grasses. This product can be planted between APRILand JUNE. Provides nutritious Spring and early-Summer forage. Powered by Odoco SS2, this mix will have rapid emergence and S-Metolachlor resistance.
  • Soil seeding depth approximately .5 – .75 inches
  • Herbicide applications of S-METOLACHLOR can be applied pre-emerge for added control of grass and selective weeds
  • Seeding Rate: 24 lbs per 1 acre
  • Plant when soil temp is above 60 degrees for best results

Soil Prep: Spray a glyphosate herbicide if weeds or grasses are present before planting. Best planted in firm seed bed and a pH of 6.5 – 7 is ideal.

Planting Instructions: Disk or till the ground to create a good seed bed. This seed should be planted at a depth of .5 – .75 inches with good seed to soil contact.

Coverage: 1/4 acre

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